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Trusts, Wills & Power of Attorney


I am certified in signing for Trust paperwork, Powers of Attorney's, Wills (witness required), Safe Deposit Box openings.  Happy to meet at the attorneys' office or the clients' home at their convenience. 


Although WILLS do not need to be notarized, a witness is required.  Most times people feel their WILLS need to be notarized to make them legal.  This is not the case, however, I am happy to notarize their WILL, if I am not the witness.  If they just need a witness, I am also available.  Certain limitations apply with family members or medical staff witnessing on documents. 

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorneys need to be completed before the notary arrives.   Most notarys are not attorneys, (however, there are exceptions).   As a notary, I am unable to provide advice on how to fill out the form.  I can help with "best practices", but if you have questions, you should contact an attorney to help you with any legal document.   If you're comfortable with the power of attorney language and just need a notary, please keep me in mind and give me a call! 

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