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Your name doesn't match your documents!


You've worked, sometimes for months, with the loan company getting your new loan with the terms and payment you can live with. It's time for closing. Everyone is very excited, it's finally here and you will get that extra money needed to make the home improvements.

Then.... the notary calls to introduce themselves and starts to ask just a few questions to be sure all is in good order to complete the closing documents. The first question might be, "what is that name typed on your drivers' license?" You may think, that's an odd question, so you pull out your license and say "Jane D Doe". The notary looks at his/her paperwork and all of the documents have "Jane Diane Doe" listed on them. The notary then asks a second question, "do you have a passport with your name spelled out on it?"

Now, you're thinking.... really? You don't have a passport. Do you have ANY photo ID with your entire name spelled out on it? No.

This is a dilemma. You will need to find a document with your name spelled out on it. No, not a marriage license, not a divorce settlement. It must be a state-issued type of document with your full name. All notaries have their state laws to follow, so when you are being asked for more information, please know that is very normal. Some people get frustrated at this point because they don't have time to look for a document, but it's necessary. It's best to oblige the notary in order not to delay your closing.

Hope this helps when you receive your call from the notary, probably 95% of the time, all is fine and you're ready to go!

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