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Heading to vacation? As a mobile notary, we come to you!

In some instances, you've been working on a refinance for months and when it comes time to get it finalized, it falls right in the middle of your planned vacation. Don't fret, your title company can hire a local mobile notary that will meet you to be sure you get your closing completed on time.

I have completed closing documents on gym bleachers, under an umbrella at a picnic table in the rain, on a workshop table in the garage, on the trunk of a car, in my own car and even at a dining room table. Some of my colleagues have had some more exciting places to meet their customers, a private plane, for instance - so cool!

The title companies find and hire only the best notaries that they feel comfortable knowing they will get the job done right.

I hope I've helped someone have a little more information that can help them in the future when the need for a mobile notary arises!

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