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I used to be part of the high-rise community, for 30 years I worked with national security firms, beginning at EF Hutton.  Do you recall the tagline?  When EF Hutton talks, people listen?  Such a clever commercial!  Now, I work out of my home and at my own pace.  I'm sharing this with you so you understand I've had a very fulfilling background and this has given me the experience and knowledge to carry on to my customers.  Confidentiality, detail-oriented, timely with a very pleasant personality that makes your closing as painless as possible.  No drama let's just get it done and get it done correctly!   A comment I receive at the end of my closings is always, "well, that was easy!"  I agree and let them know that's what I like to hear!  Reach out to me if you need some notarizations.  I also do field inspections for insurance underwriters, see my website for more details of what i can do for you.

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