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I am an independent notary, my job is to make sure your documents are signed and dated properly.  Who wants to delay the closing on their dream home or wait longer for proceeds from a property you just sold!  -  NO ONE!  It pays to hire a trained loan signing agent.   The saying is true "you get what you pay for".  





As a retiree, I am allowing myself to be a true entrepreneur. I have always had a creative side and for many years have tried several side jobs. I make candles, I cut wine bottles and sand the tops to use as candle jars.  Recently I have started an Amazon store and I am adding my personality to funny (sarcastic) mugs, travel mugs, tumblers, wine tumblers and even t-shirts to sell through Etsy, Amazon and Ebay.  I am also an Amazon Affiliate. I am adding this information to my website because a lot of times something may show up on Facebook and makes people wonder if I've been hacked.   Nope, just me 

Pat McAllister

I provide traveling notary services throughout Central Illinois.  One of the benefits of finding a dependable notary is that I will arrive at your chosen location outside of business hours.  To learn more about how a mobile notary could benefit you, contact us today.  I can also provide an offsite location to meet, instead of your home or a coffee shop. 

Did you know anyone can request their own Notary to handle their loan signings?  You may need to have the escrow officer review and approve the notary, but you can specifically ask.  A good Loan Signing Agent / Notary Public can make a huge difference in the loan signing process experience.  Some notary's just say, "sign where you see your name" while they're sitting there texting.  A trained "Loan Signing Agent" will help guide you through the paperwork for a clean / error free / signing.    Why risk it at such an important time!


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